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Come early, stay late

Dedication. Willingness. Determination. While I am a proponent of the work-life balance (thank you Jeff for the reminders), there are times when there may not be a good substitute for working long hours. Deadlines, projects and extraordinary circumstances may call … Continue reading

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How to succeed in business . . .

Do I need to finish the sentence? Sure you have to try. This isn’t some kids cartoon where you can wish for something and it will magically fall from the sky. Do you have an idea what success looks like? … Continue reading

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Don’t be the one to defeat yourself

On the heels of yesterday’s post, today’s quote reminds us of a time when it may have been easy to quit. “Never, never, never give up.” Winston Churchill Other’s can’t quit for you. Only you can quit for yourself. Tweet

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It’s just a word

The power of a word. Thanks to my drum corps and Facebook friend Paul for sharing today’s thought. “Why do you permit a mere word to stand in your way? Forget the word ‘difficult’ and take your next step.” ┬áVernon … Continue reading

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Up or down

Do you lead by building up or tearing down? Are you quick to point out the mistakes your team members make? Or do you show them the opportunities where they can improve? You may be talking about the same thing. … Continue reading

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