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Genuinely nice

You never know who you’ll run into while working. Most “celebrities” blend in with the crowd. Some like the attention and some just want to lead a normal life away from the hustle and bustle that accompanies stardom. What if … Continue reading

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Sorry to disappoint you

But . . . What if we could say we’re sorry before anything bad happened? That’s a good thing, right? If we greet our customers at the door with apologies, they’ll eventually get the hint and stop doing business with … Continue reading

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It means a lot to them

Unless you have been living under a rock or you’ve been out of the country, you probably saw that parts of the Southeastern US have been blanketed in a layer of snow and ice. With temperatures hovering around the freezing … Continue reading

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361 More Chances to be Amazing

We’re already 4 days into 2011. My friend and fellow blogger Donna Flanagin commented on a post recently that this year was going to be amazing. I replied that there were 363 more chances to be amazing in 2011. Assuming … Continue reading

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2010 Customer Service Champions

If you’ve browsed through the magazines in the checkout line within the last week or so, you’ve probably come across a lot of headlines that start “Best of” for 2010. In no particular order, here is my list of customer … Continue reading

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