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Hold back

Be sure to save some in your reserve tank.  You wouldn’t want to give everything you have, would you? I mean our “better” is still good enough, right? It’s still above average.  But by not doing your best, you lower … Continue reading

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Is inspiration dead?

Well, I thought it was. And then I saw her. She hollered my name across the room. That made me smile. She came out from behind the counter with her arms spread wide, her smile wider. And that almost made … Continue reading

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An even dozen

Happy Birthday to my number one son. My only son. My mini-me. You bring a level of joy that is not easily described. Hopefully you will learn it for yourself one day. Tweet

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2010 Customer Service Champions

If you’ve browsed through the magazines in the checkout line within the last week or so, you’ve probably come across a lot of headlines that start “Best of” for 2010. In no particular order, here is my list of customer … Continue reading

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