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Social Media Experiment

The power of relationship If everything went as planned yesterday, then the above picture is of myself and Mark Sanborn, an international bestselling author and noted authority on leadership, team building, customer service and change. When I heard that Mark was … Continue reading

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What do you say?

You have an hour to talk, listen and answer questions. It’s on a topic about which you are passionate. What do you say? Where do you begin? Will people want to hear me? Will there be more than one person … Continue reading

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If you are a leader, who’s following?

When this blog first started, it was just one of millions of blogs in cyberspace. After returning from a Disney Institute course on Leadership Excellence, I had a story to tell. Yes, David Balentine had a story that he wanted … Continue reading

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In a perfect world . . .

. . . there would be no need for this blog. There would be no need to remind you that customer service is about the customer and not about your business, your products,¬†you. But this isn’t a perfect world. Not … Continue reading

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Everybody suits up

Pick your analogy. Football players on the same team wear the same uniform. Most fast food chains have the same uniform. If you are a seasoned veteran of Disney theme parks, I bet you can match the uniform with the … Continue reading

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