The Phrase to Praise

One of the local radio stations in town uses the saying “The phrase that pays” for an ongoing contest. They call you and ask for the phrase. If you say it back correctly, you win.
After reading a post by Lee Cockerell on “101 Ways to Praise a Child or Anyone Else” this phrase came to mind. Are you praising your team enough? Are you offering praise evenly? 
Praise can be a great motivator. But if not applied fairly, it can be a blow to someone’s self confidence. As a leader, become the cheerleader for your team. 
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2 Responses to The Phrase to Praise

  1. jeff noel says:

    Phrases of praises?
    While not good grammar, it does rhyme.
    Yeah, wonder why we find it so hard to say nice things everyday.
    Maybe we think they don't make a difference.

  2. David Balentine says:

    I know there have been times when I have finished a project, setup a display, or done some good deed and all I wanted to hear was "good job" but didn't get it. I try to keep that perspective for others around me and encourage them when they may not be expecting it.

    Lee's blog gives great examples of what to say even for the praise challenged folks.

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