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The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation

Yesterday was June 6. D-Day. It was the 67th anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Normandy. An action which brought a much quicker end to the fighting in Europe during World War II.

To know someone from this generation is a great blessing. Tom Brokaw coined the term “The Greatest Generation” in a book by the same title. They grew up during the Great Depression and watched as the world tumbled into a time dominated by beacons of evil across the globe. Countries were disappearing, Genocide was rampant in parts of Europe.

But they did what had to be done. And with such a quiet resolve that they humbly served their country and the world by eliminating these regimes, keeping parts of the world free from tyranny. The countries that were built following the war endured some of the greatest growth and prosperity thanks to their efforts.

The plan to invade on that day wasn’t without risk. The weather wasn’t perfect but it was sufficient. The coordination of many nations and many troops speaking different languages was a monumental task involving over 300,000 troops and naval support personnel on 5,000 ships including over 24,000 airborn paratroopers landing with only the light of a full moon to guide them.

I say they had more than moonlight. They had leadership. They had courage. They had a purpose greater than themselves. They had a world to free. And for that, I am thankful and inspired.

Thank a veteran today for their sacrifice. Yeah, it’s the day after. that’s why it’s important to do it today. You’ll surprise them and their spirit will be lifted. It will affirm what they did was for the right reasons.

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  1. Patty Hebert says:

    Working in the cemetery I am surrounded by generations of honorable individuals that put aside their own aspirations and took up those of our nation. A question that has been plaguing me is, “Why don’t we see more young Americans entering into the military today?” Is it because of the attitude that the world is all about me? That we are owed national security and homeland safety at no cost? Or is it that the military is someone else’s responsibility, not mine?

    At our recent high school graduation out of 460+ students only three were military bound. And we applauded them with a standing ovation for their courage and commitment and prayed for their safety.

    As a country we need the national commitment of yesteryear, we need to work together, or we will all fall apart.

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