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Dreams of the future

Had a great conversation with a mentor recently. Just hearing his voice brings back great memories. I told him that I’m still holding on to one of my goals in spite of a (possible) age restriction. Can’t let it deter … Continue reading

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A case of the Q’s

Do you know to ask the right questions in order to get the answers to life’s questions? Here’s hoping you get answers before you decide to quit. Tweet

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What is your story?


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Hold me back

No matter which direction you’re looking, you’re always facing forward. Are we reluctant to face what lies ahead? Is focusing on what you can’t do holding you back from what you can do? Tweet

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Does your business need to go on a diet?

I asked the question a few days ago if you thought your business was sick. What about putting your business on a diet? Do you need to trim some of the fat? Are you taking in too much? Operating lean … Continue reading

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