Happy Birthday, Mr. Inspiration

Jeff and me

Jeff and me

“It’s All About The Customer” is only 19 months old. This whole journey started many years ago. But the most recent leg of that journey has been greatly influenced by a man with a vision.

But he’s not just any man. I am fortunate to call him a friend.

As far as we know, he’s the Internet’s only five-a-day blogger, whispering to the world, “Live, before you die.” What started out as a 100-day challenge on April Fool’s Day 2009, has turned into over 4000 blog posts. It’s a great example of what dedication to a single purpose (finding a cure to a terrible disease) can do.

He doesn’t ask for money. He asks you to set your goals high. He asks you to do something great. He suggests that you might rethink, reprioritize and recommit to your goals. He asks that you live a life full of service to others. He focuses daily on achieving excellence.

If you take a look at the categories below, you’ll see things like difference, infectious, leadership, passion, organization. and remarkable. These are are words that have been used to describe his vision for himself and for all of us who write blogs, who read blogs or who basically live and breathe.

Personally, I am indebted to him for his unselfish guidance and encouragement. For this, he would never take a dime.

So, here’s to you, jeff. Today, you are the man.

Oh. I almost forgot. Happy Birthday too.

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mr. Inspiration

  1. Patty Hebert says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff, “and many more…”

  2. Donna Flanagin says:

    David, well said. “Mr. Inspiration” I like that and very fitting. Happy Birthday jeff noel.

  3. jeff noel says:

    You guys are gonna make me cry.
    David, the first thing that comes to mind is, Thank you.
    Not as a programmed response, but as if the words are brand new and their meaning pure and clean. Thank you.
    PS. Now, “I’m going to Disney World!”
    I mean right now, out the door…

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