Should you let them see you sweat?

It wasn't always smiles. There was a lot of sweat.

Sometimes work is a breeze. You’re hitting on all cylinders. Product inventory is in, customers are happy, sales are up. Life is good.

But inside you’ve got butterflies the size of a jumbo jet doing somersaults in your stomach. You were worried about getting your delivery on time. You’re worried your customers won’t like your products. You’re worried your customers won’t show up. You’re worried your competition will undercut your pricing strategy and offer an inferior product at dirt cheap prices.

But there’s one thing you’ve got going for you that no one else has.

You’ve got your knowledge. You’ve got your skill. You’ve got your charm.

You’ve got you. You’ve got a goal. And if you’re not breaking a sweat getting to your goal, well, I guess your goal isn’t hard enough.

PS. Hey, jeff, heard that one before?

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One Response to Should you let them see you sweat?

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    David, love it! Yeah, impossible is nothing. A little sweat never hurt anyone. Have an awesome Sunday!

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