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Leave a trail

This was a plaque given to me by my sweet friend Vicki Landrum who passed away suddenly last week. Her memorial service was Saturday. Several people spoke about her character, the fun she brought into their lives and the intellect … Continue reading

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Presidential series

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the last series as I featured quotes from our Presidents, some known and some unfamiliar. . . the quotes . . . not the presidents. Your comments and support have been overwhelming and humbling! … Continue reading

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Should you let them see you sweat?

Sometimes work is a breeze. You’re hitting on all cylinders. Product inventory is in, customers are happy, sales are up. Life is good. But inside you’ve got butterflies the size of a jumbo jet doing somersaults in your stomach. You … Continue reading

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What is going to be different about today?

You have your routine. Wake up, shower, breakfast. Or wake up, breakfast, shower. Or breakfast, shower, wake up. Whatever the order might be, are you going to do something different today that makes you better or that serves your customers … Continue reading

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The buffet of life

Line up for a smorgasbord. You may have had yesterday off. Hopefully, it was spent in some way remembering what the man stood for and what he dreamed of. Are you going back to work today with a smile or … Continue reading

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