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10-80-10 – Can’t we all get along?

For those who are mathematically challenged, that adds up to 100. A quick internet check shows a few theories of the 10-80-10 rule. Today’s post deals with how your employees get along and affect your business. The first 10% are … Continue reading

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How was your day yesterday?

Was it filled with hugs and smiles? If it’s not too weird, offer one or both to your customers today. Literally or figuratively. Your pick. It could make their day. Tweet

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The buffet of life

Line up for a smorgasbord. You may have had yesterday off. Hopefully, it was spent in some way remembering what the man stood for and what he dreamed of. Are you going back to work today with a smile or … Continue reading

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Something’s just not right

Ever notice when something is out of place? This one may not look wrong weird by itself. But, walking on a nature trail, this one made me scratch my head. Think your customers notice when something is out of place? … Continue reading

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Along for the ride

Some of us are leading the pack. We have a purpose, a goal, a dream. Others are just along for the ride. No purpose. No goals. No dreams. No desire. Is life speeding by so fast that you can barely … Continue reading

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