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Shoot really straight

A friend who has followed “It’s All About The Customer” for quite a while now sent me the following message. “I thought of you the other day. I had a customer come in the store looking for something for his … Continue reading

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Take courage, my soul

Ever gone out on a limb? You know . . . taken a risk? Depending on where you live, any day you leave your house is a risky initiative. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step” is … Continue reading

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Along for the ride

Some of us are leading the pack. We have a purpose, a goal, a dream. Others are just along for the ride. No purpose. No goals. No dreams. No desire. Is life speeding by so fast that you can barely … Continue reading

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When dreams collide

What happens when dreams are in conflict? If you are a true college football fan, you’ll understand this. LSU had the same dream last night as did the University of Alabama. But it meant that the success of one team … Continue reading

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Why do we have to be courageous?

In your business or personal life, do you stand alone? I’m talking about taking a leap of faith or standing up for what is right, not to show off, but because it is a showing of your character. Do you … Continue reading

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