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A dedication to Felipe. Do you have time if you relapse? We are blessed with a limited number of heartbeats. It’s up to us as to how they will pass. We can use them for good or abuse them to … Continue reading

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What are you trying new today?

There is no doubt it takes courage to try something new. Someone, somewhere is going to take the step today and enter unchartered (for them) territory. Do you dream of what could be? Go ahead and take a risk. Take … Continue reading

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Shoot really straight

A friend who has followed “It’s All About The Customer” for quite a while now sent me the following message. “I thought of you the other day. I had a customer come in the store looking for something for his … Continue reading

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A swing and a miss

If you’re breathing, you’re going to make a mistake. But Dave, if I play it safe, I won’t make some of the mistakes I’ve seen others make. Oh yeah? Well how about this . . . You can’t hit a … Continue reading

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Take courage, my soul

Ever gone out on a limb? You know . . . taken a risk? Depending on where you live, any day you leave your house is a risky initiative. “A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step” is … Continue reading

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