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Knowledge without application

. . . is worth what? Nothing? You’ve spent time, energy and money to learn a skill or trade with the expectation that you’ll share your knowledge either by putting it into practice or teach others. Is that diploma/certificate just … Continue reading

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Contentment and apathy

Two reasons why some new businesses don’t make it beyond their first two years. They don’t know and they don’t care. Ignorance and apathy. A dangerous combination for any business. The same can be said for our life. You may … Continue reading

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Ready to Lead?

Are you ready? Are you taking steps to tap into your full potential? Yes, there are many that naturally fit the role of a leader. But for most, they weren’t even aware there was an open casting call. Tweet

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They can’t do it without you

If your job was listed on an accounting ledger, would you be classified as an asset or a liability? What is your boss concerned with when he/she goes to sleep at night? If you want to make yourself an indispensable … Continue reading

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Learn your business

What business are you in? How well do you know your industry? If you work for a large corporation you might not know everything that goes on. If you are an entrepreneur, you had better know everything that goes on. … Continue reading

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