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What do you see?

 When you walk in to your job/office/room/store, what do you notice first? Do the clouds obscure your view or does the magnitude of the vista help you appreciate the space you occupy on the timeline of life? Tweet

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It was an accident

It was a coaster accident. In the parking lot. Somebody was careless. But they didn’t know that their carelessness would result in a guest noticing the accident. Someone is always watching us. Someone is always testing us. Someone is always … Continue reading

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Keep it clean

Notice how clean it is? To the casual observer it might not stand out. But if leaves were littering the pathway or a trash can was overflowing, we’d notice it in a heartbeat. How “clean” is your operation? Your customers … Continue reading

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Pick a number

I want you to try an experiment. Get 20 pieces of paper and a hat. Write down percentages on the pieces of paper starting with 5% and finishing with 100% in increments of 5. Place the pieces of paper in … Continue reading

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Don’t wreck it

As leaders, we often want to “fix” a problem when we see one right in front of us. Instead of fixing, can we turn it into a teaching moment? Handling a situation gently is much better than stepping in and … Continue reading

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