They are everywhere

We couldn’t get away from them. They were everywhere. They mobbed our tables. They took our samples. They asked questions. They thanked us.

They are our new customers. Will all of them shop with us? No way. Were some of them there just for the free stuff? Absolutely.

But instead of sitting back and waiting for them to come to us, we went to them. It was the first week of classes at a local university. For a contribution to one of their scholarship funds, we got the privilege of setting up a table.

Well worth it.

Do you sit back, waiting for them to come to you?

If so, good luck with that approach.


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4 Responses to They are everywhere

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    Happy Fall. Proactive or reactive, pick one. You made a great choice. Have an awesome Sunday.

    • David says:

      Thanks, jeff. It was an awesome way to get my fivehead sunburned. 😉

      Being around young people can be very invigorating. . . keeps you young.

  2. BKO says:

    I think I know that spot – too bad I was out of town

    • David says:


      This was the first time I have been to that part of the campus since it was built. Even though I worked there for 9 years, I felt lost. But it was GREAT to be around so many students.

      And I too was sorry you were not able to be there.

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