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Carpe this diem

An opportunity has come up and it’s time to take charge. Using your talents and education, you recognize the situation needs someone to take the lead. But you’ve never done this job before. What do you do? 1. Assemble a … Continue reading

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It was an accident

It was a coaster accident. In the parking lot. Somebody was careless. But they didn’t know that their carelessness would result in a guest noticing the accident. Someone is always watching us. Someone is always testing us. Someone is always … Continue reading

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Paper and pen for your thoughts

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. Are you ready for it when it strikes? Instead of giving you a penny for your thoughts, they give you pen and paper. What inspired them to do this? Tweet

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Keep it clean

Notice how clean it is? To the casual observer it might not stand out. But if leaves were littering the pathway or a trash can was overflowing, we’d notice it in a heartbeat. How “clean” is your operation? Your customers … Continue reading

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Stalking vs. Involved

What kind of style represents the way you lead? Do you stand on the sidelines remaining clean and pristine? Or are you getting dirty in the trenches? I’m thankful for a leadership team that gets in the trenches with me … Continue reading

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