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It was an accident

It was a coaster accident. In the parking lot. Somebody was careless. But they didn’t know that their carelessness would result in a guest noticing the accident. Someone is always watching us. Someone is always testing us. Someone is always … Continue reading

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Is your business sick?

If it is, do you recognize the symptoms? Sluggish sales Bleak forecast Dwindling customer base Products that are out of touch Maybe the problem lies within. As in having a different attitude. It’s a tough lesson to think we are … Continue reading

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Got a plan for what’s next?

When this project, job, assignment, adventure is over, what’s next? Most of our jobs, what we get paid for, are temporary. They may take 30 years to run their full course. But they will eventually end due to the job … Continue reading

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Put it into practice

Pre-K, elementary, middle, high school. College, graduate school. Professional learning, continuing education. When does it ever stop? Never. Constantly trying to better yourself through continuing education is great. As long as you put it into practice. “What is right and … Continue reading

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Don’t let the learning stop

Does your business provide continuing education? If not, do you go out and invest your own money in your own future? There are plenty of free opportunities for continuing the education long after the student loans have been paid. Keep … Continue reading

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