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I’ve been whining

Lately, I’ve been whining a lot. I’ve been making a lot of noise because of many things: personal health, family health, work issues, losing friends, traffic, weather, leaving pickles on my chicken sandwich . . . I wrote a post … Continue reading

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Provide solutions, not problems

Do you communicate the struggles you have in your job? Not talking about complaining. There is a difference. Instead of sharing your concerns with management, how about following them up with a conversation that includes solutions? This type of approach … Continue reading

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Number one excuse

Want to know what the #1 excuse for bad customer service is? I’ll share that tidbit with you tomorrow. But first, I’d like to hear what you think is the top reason. Is it lack of training? Lack of caring? … Continue reading

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Excuse vs. Explanation

Thank you Seth Godin for inspiring today’s post. When a customer asks for a product you’re out of, do you offer an excuse or an explanation? They are not the same. And it’s the difference between good service and bad … Continue reading

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