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Provide solutions, not problems

Do you communicate the struggles you have in your job? Not talking about complaining. There is a difference. Instead of sharing your concerns with management, how about following them up with a conversation that includes solutions? This type of approach … Continue reading

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Excuse vs. Explanation

Thank you Seth Godin for inspiring today’s post. When a customer asks for a product you’re out of, do you offer an excuse or an explanation? They are not the same. And it’s the difference between good service and bad … Continue reading

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What are you giving away today?

When was the last time you bought a book? Wait, it’s 2011. Sorry to be so outdated. When was the last time you downloaded a book in electronic form to your e-reader of choice? Was it from a best-selling author? … Continue reading

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How remarkable are you? Many years ago, I had a math professor who would randomly throw in some English lessons during Math class. It had to do with any word that started with “re” like refrigerate, regret and remark. He … Continue reading

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