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They keep it real. They don’t hide the facts. They encourage each other. They cry when they’re sad. They laugh when they’re overjoyed. They live to go on. They dedicate their plaque to the memory of those who have died. … Continue reading

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Abbott and Costello. Anthony and Cleopatra. Batman and Robin. We don’t have to face struggles alone. And it all can be helped just by giving a little encouragement along the way. Marissa’s mnemonic ends with “E – Encouragement this makes … Continue reading

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How can you read this and not smile or cry? Helps put everything in perspective. Hallelujah that the cure rate is over 80%. Tweet

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Be the light

Scientists believe it takes around 100,000 years for light to go from one end of the Milky Way to the other. How about we take a few seconds and share the light with the person we pass on the sidewalk, … Continue reading

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Does it have to be random?

Why do random acts of kindness have to be random? Why can’t they be a part of our every day life? I have a friend who has been out of work for over 5 months and didn’t have a good … Continue reading

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