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Using a lifeline

I was listening to a recent Disney podcast while driving home from work. This one is known for its humor, insight and every now and then, great nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to numerous situations. One such bit that … Continue reading

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What one degree can do

How far do you think one degree can take you? Are you thinking this? Or maybe something like this? But here is what I’m talking about. One degree. The difference between having hot water and boiling water. That’s the difference … Continue reading

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Because it’s what we SHOULD do

“It’s not our fault, but it is our problem.” At the The Disney Institute, this axiom is taught as a foundation for the level of service that they offer to each guest and each Cast Member. The perfect example came … Continue reading

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How high is your vision?

“The only person that can put a limit on yourself is you.” Michael Phelps 14-time Olympic Gold Medalist When Michael Phelps was 11 years old, he had a vision. His vision, as he recently shared at the 2010 GNC Franchise … Continue reading

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How important is that phone call?

A customer walked in to my store the other day asking what seemed to be pretty basic questions. I really didn’t give any consideration to the fact that she was testing me. After several minutes of questioning, I find out … Continue reading

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