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Title. Moniker. Label. Handle. We have them. We use them. We pay big bucks for them. CIO = Chief Information Officer CEO = Chief Executive Officer COO = Chief Operating Officer What could CMO be? I’ve written earlier about Disney’s … Continue reading

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The Phrase to Praise

One of the local radio stations in town uses the saying “The phrase that pays” for an ongoing contest. They call you and ask for the phrase. If you say it back correctly, you win. After reading a post by … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite?

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” – Walter Elias Disney A friend posed a question the other day regarding the Walt Disney World Resort. What one … Continue reading

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I hear a train a comin’

No, it’s not a freight train. I left off part of the word. It should read “I hear some training coming.” Most business recognize the value of training when it comes to new employees. There is a formalized process introducing … Continue reading

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Go back to the beginning – It’s never too late to restart

It’s a safe bet to say that most of you reading this blog have played the classic Hasbro board games Monopoly or Sorry!. Both games involve starting over for one reason or another. We even have to reset our computers … Continue reading

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