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The customer is always . . .

. . . the customer. They are not always right. The company isn’t always right. There’s a balance. You have a hot-headed customer come into your operation. Sometimes they just need to be heard. Other times, they have a legitimate … Continue reading

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Do you communicate success?

Do you spell it out? Literally? How about posting a note on the wall? Is it common sense to have to make a poster of expectations? Yeah. It really is a good idea. 🙂 Tweet

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What do you expect?

As a business owner, what do you expect from your customer? As a customer, what do you expect from a business? At some time, we all are a customer of someone. Thanks to Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of … Continue reading

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What one degree can do

How far do you think one degree can take you? Are you thinking this? Or maybe something like this? But here is what I’m talking about. One degree. The difference between having hot water and boiling water. That’s the difference … Continue reading

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