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We have some lovely parting gifts

Don’t let them leave empty handed. Do you let your customers leave empty handed? To some merchants, it is a huge failure to see a customer walk out the door without making a purchase. But there’s more you can give … Continue reading

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Building your brand

“ME” out of business cards. What is your brand? I don’t mean the company you work for. I mean you. What do you stand for? Good service, honesty, quality? I hope so. Because qualities like good service, honesty and quality … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Blog!

Celebrating another milestone. One year ago today, I made my first post. In the beginning, I wasn’t looking this far down the road. I know. That was a little short-sighted on my part. A lot has transpired in the last … Continue reading

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The How instead of the Why

I believe we all can agree that one of the keys to a successful business is having great customer service. Many articles have been written about WHY you should offer great service; increased ROI, more business, happier customers, better goodwill, … Continue reading

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The Right Audience – Can they find You?

How do you know you are reaching the right audience? Take a look at the cover of a magazine we received recently. Save, Drop, Beat, Make – They got ’em all! Save Money. Drop unwanted pounds. Make more money. They … Continue reading

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