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Show Ready

Are you “show ready”? Is everything in place? Are all the elements (script, lighting, scenery, props, actors) ready to play their part? If not, what’s missing? When it comes to having a successful show in a business, start by communicating … Continue reading

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There are no shortcuts on quality

Nothing against other countries, but it is evident to me that the quality of workmanship of buildings and other structures played a HUGE role in how so many people survived the catastrophic earthquake that hit Japan recently. There were no … Continue reading

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How can you make your competitors jealous?

DO YOU SEE RED? Had a customer shopping with us today. He knew what he wanted so he just stood at the counter and gave us his list. After we got it all for him, he shared a nice revelation … Continue reading

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Building your brand

“ME” out of business cards. What is your brand? I don’t mean the company you work for. I mean you. What do you stand for? Good service, honesty, quality? I hope so. Because qualities like good service, honesty and quality … Continue reading

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Let’s be careful out there

Wow! I was going through my old posts and saw that this one was still labeled as “draft” and not published. Not to worry. I want to offer some of the lessons learned from the Disney Institute’s Quality Service program … Continue reading

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