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100th Post

It just means he talks a lot. A huge thank you goes out to a lot of folks today. This is my 100th blog post. What started last December took several weeks just to get the first post written and … Continue reading

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Safety is a priority for a reason

Is he thinking about safety? Some states don’t require riders to wear a helmet. Is safety a priority with your company? What about with you? Safety is a priority for a reason. Tweet

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So there’s this guy at the airport . . .

And he keeps smiling at everyone who passes by. He seems to be talking more to airport employees rather than passengers. But he’s not wearing a badge. It doesn’t appear that he works here. He keeps asking people if they … Continue reading

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Heels or toes?

Are you the type of person that puts more weight on your heels or on your toes? Are you resting on your past accomplishments or are your toes fixed on the starting line anticipating the start of the race? We … Continue reading

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I got an email message from a LinkedIn group to which I belong advertising for a “Customer-Centric” Leader. defines customer-centric as: “An approach to doing business in which a company focuses on creating a positive consumer experience at the … Continue reading

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