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It starts with recovery

You don’t build the product for yourself. You need to know what the people want and build it for them. Walter Elias Disney If your company isn’t omni channel or offering integrated solutions to your customers’ liking, you may find … Continue reading

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Hello September

Why wait until January to resolve to make a change? “I find that waiting until an arbitrary time to start achieving my goals is the best way to do it.” “I want everything to be perfect before I start.” “The … Continue reading

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Dreams of the future

Had a great conversation with a mentor recently. Just hearing his voice brings back great memories. I told him that I’m still holding on to one of my goals in spite of a (possible) age restriction. Can’t let it deter … Continue reading

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Just a little suggestion

It’s not Hump Day. But if you’ve been to Walt Disney World and you know this scene, then the song should be running through your head. You’re welcome. And while you’re thinking about it, even with over 7 billion people … Continue reading

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And in 15th place

On this day in 1908, the Grand Canyon National Monument was created. It was the 15th national monument designation by the United States. But it’s been around for many years. What took so long? Theodore Roosevelt described it this way … Continue reading

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