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Zoinks – an endless cycle

The body has something foreign that needs to be gone. So you take a foreign substance (chemo) to eradicate the foreign object (cancer) and it causes havoc. Thank God for modern medicine. It can be a vicious cycle. Wouldn’t it … Continue reading

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The last silent film that was produced by a major studio was in 1935. Legong: Dance of the Virgins opened in New York on October 1. Fast forward to 2012. One group is trying to popularize the vintage style of … Continue reading

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Put your thinking cap on

Do you have a special place where you go for inspiration? Besides the Bible, do you have a favorite book, video, blog, etc., that you can count on for your daily motivation? Disney is more than theme parks, restaurants and elaborate … Continue reading

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Is it worth fighting for?

As a leader, how will your followers view you in tough situations? Are you standing firm on solid principles? Or do your morals change with the seasons? You can be as solid as a rock or as shifty as the … Continue reading

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Set an example

Do you long to be a leader in your field of work? Are you an innovator? Maybe not. You don’t have to be # 1 in order to be an inspiration. Do good. Do what’s right. Make mistakes. Fail often. … Continue reading

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