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B-flat or A-sharp?

As a leader, it’s up to you to set the tone of your organization. And not to overuse musical terms, but is it upbeat or a downbeat? Does it need a tune up?   Tweet

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Take it down a notch

Assuming the posture of your customer can be a big step in helping them feel comfortable to approach you. Taking on their tone of voice when they come in with a quiet question can make them feel at ease with … Continue reading

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We strive for 5!

Had another scan today. While I was waiting, several magazines were laid out neatly on the table in the waiting room. Each magazine had this message on a bright pink label: “To make your visit comfortable, Wellstar has provided reading … Continue reading

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How remarkable are you? Many years ago, I had a math professor who would randomly throw in some English lessons during Math class. It had to do with any word that started with “re” like refrigerate, regret and remark. He … Continue reading

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