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Build it and they will come

Standing on the grounds of one of the newest memorials in our nation’s capitol. A site dedicated to the peaceful spirit that inspired many to overcome their surroundings and rise above the oppression they face just for being human. His … Continue reading

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Change your perspective

I’m not talking about going from negative to positive or a one-year plan versus a five-year plan of action. I’m talking about getting down on your knees and seeing things from the perspective of the little people around you. I’m … Continue reading

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It’s another day

It may be just another day. But for some, it’s a milestone. I’ll probably get in trouble for this. But I’m doing it anyway. Happy 50th sis. I hope you have at least 50 more! Tweet

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Why the reminder?

Because we forget. We need subtle reminders as well as the two-by-fours smacked on the side of our heads. Tweet

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Armor up

“There is no greater joy or greater honor than to be called…Dad. There is also no greater responsibility than that of being a Father.” Jeff Searcy, Founder, Servant Warrior Ministries Thanks to a long time friend Jeff for sending me … Continue reading

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