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From here to a star

Goals. Realistic goals. Impossible goals. Goals are necessary for direction. And if they’re not impossible, how will you know just how far you can reach? 1. Make your goal specific. 2. Give it time. 3. Remind yourself daily of your … Continue reading

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How far is the journey?

Where do you want to be at the end of 2013? 2018? How about 2023? That’s only 10 years away. Do you remember talking about Y2K? It doesn’t seem that long ago. Do you have a plan on how to … Continue reading

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To be where you are

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Take the opportunity of perspective and improve the grass under your own two feet. Tweet

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How far would I travel?

Inviting atmosphere. Quality service. Great people. These are phrases you hear when consumers are asked about why they shop at a particular store that might not be the closest or most convenient location for them. How far would you go … Continue reading

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Devotion. Sacrifice. Dedication. Whether it be to a person or to a cause, we often refer use these words when describing loyalty. Each of us is the beneficiary of the sacrifices of others whether we want to acknowledge it or … Continue reading

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