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Give me a 10

Our microwave died. It was built 11 years ago. So we go shopping for a new one. The main purpose was to check availability and prices. We didn’t really plan on making a purchase tonight. But we found what we … Continue reading

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Self righteous

I’m no Mother Teresa. Sanctimonious. Narcissistic. Holier-than-thou. I have to admit I had to look these up to get their correct definitions. And that’s because I’ve been accused of being self righteous twice in the last month. Taking the moral … Continue reading

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Hold me back

No matter which direction you’re looking, you’re always facing forward. Are we reluctant to face what lies ahead? Is focusing on what you can’t do holding you back from what you can do? Tweet

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How deep is the ocean

Do you get strange questions from your customers? From your employees? Be prepared with the answer regardless of the question. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to know what’s really being asked. Tweet

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And if I ever lost you

Do you track your customers spending habits? How can you get them back when they are gone? Are you in tune with them so well that you know when they haven’t shopped with you in a while? In most cases, … Continue reading

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