Results May Vary

On the heels of yesterday’s post (Some Restrictions May Apply) is today’s post, Results May Vary.

You can’t use the same approach for each customer because no two customers are alike. The same can be said of your employees. No two employees are alike so you have to use different ways to communicate with each of them.

If you don’t, the results may vary. And they may not be the results you or your customers are looking for. Getting to know your customers will have you on the right road of placing your team members in the right positions.

Disney is famous for their guestology. That’s Disney-speak for knowing and understanding their guests (customers) through qualitative and quantitative market research. Throughout their research and implementation processes, they realize that not every decision will have the same affect on every guest. They have implemented new strategies, new designs, new procedures . . . . and some have failed. But they have learned from those failures and they have incorporated that knowledge into the next decision.

Knowing that your customers and team members are unique gives you the power to fine tune your processes.

If your business is stagnant because your processes are stagnant, maybe it’s time to shake things up.

The results may vary. And that could lead to more business.

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