Show Ready

Ready for the Show

Ready for the show

Are you “show ready”?

Is everything in place? Are all the elements (script, lighting, scenery, props, actors) ready to play their part?

If not, what’s missing?

When it comes to having a successful show in a business, start by communicating the vision of the company to all employees. Then you have to give your employees the proper environment in which they can thrive. Defining your culture so that it is clear to everyone and is based on design rather than by default will allow your company to be more successful.

Putting on a show that isn’t ready is like eating a cake before it’s baked. It may taste okay, but the finished product is more worthy of the time and effort devoted to making sure the recipe is followed through to the end.

Make sure your finished product is show ready. Give of your best to your customers!



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5 Responses to Show Ready

  1. jeff noel says:

    Your posts are going to be inspiring this week. I can feel it already. 🙂

  2. Donna Flanagin says:

    We are in the process of doing some pretty exciting new things to improve our “show”. I have people daily come in and tell me they love the new look or every time they come in it is even cuter than the last. I found the perfect music and I am experimenting with the scents. When it is done, there will be pictures. Clue: my entry sign says “Pardon our construction. It takes a daughter to build a village”

  3. David says:

    Jeff, I’m in a place where inspiration is given out on a daily basis.

    Donna, I hope the poster adds to the new look!

  4. Jeff Noel says:

    David, I know it well.
    So glad you’re back.

  5. David says:

    Thanks, Jeff.

    Glad to be back. Already thinking about next trip.

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