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A new normal

I believe in a new normal. While commenting on a friend’s blog I realized that we are part of a tribe that no longer accepts the current status quo as the norm. The belief that we all can do better, … Continue reading

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Improve or else

Hopefully you can see the rainbow. A symbol of hope. Praying for a better day today. I’m not saying yesterday was bad. Okay, I’ll admit it wasn’t good. But I have to be better today. My customers need me to … Continue reading

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Survey says . . .

And the survey says . . . ? Went shopping briefly the other afternoon at a major retailer. The sales associate walked me to a different register than would normally be used. After struggling with the debit pin pad for … Continue reading

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A PSA about your PSA

Not the most flattering picture. But there is nothing glamorous about the message. August 1, 2011. That is the day I was given a book “100 Questions & Answers about Prostate Cancer” by my doctor. A couple of months earlier, … Continue reading

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No thanks, I’ll take second best

I’ll settle for second best. I don’t know anyone that would actually make this statement. Look at it from the other direction. You turn on the “open” sign, switch on the lights and give it your second best. Is this … Continue reading

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