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Are we spoiled?

Some of us know what excellence looks like. We’ve had a taste. A small bite of the golden apple. What if we’ve had a less than stellar experience and are disappointed, who is to blame? Is it our expectations that … Continue reading

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Start with a 10

In a follow-up to my previous post, here is my take on a possible better way to encourage your customers to give you a good rating on a company survey. It’s a concept that may be foreign to most workers. … Continue reading

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Give me a 10

Our microwave died. It was built 11 years ago. So we go shopping for a new one. The main purpose was to check availability and prices. We didn’t really plan on making a purchase tonight. But we found what we … Continue reading

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Why is most service poor at best?

Have we grown accustom to receiving bad service that we no longer are outraged by it? Cellular phone providers, cable companies, banks and most utilities have some of the worst customer service known to man. “Your call is very important … Continue reading

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Is good service rare?

Are your customers surprised because they received excellent service? Or are they surprised when they don’t? Hopefully, excellent service isn’t as rare as a five-legged goat. Tweet

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