Hire them and keep them

40 years of dedicated service. Years . . . that's a long time.

40 years of dedicated service. Years . . . that’s a long time.

It’s no secret. One of the biggest successes of a business is its people.┬áIt can also be one of the biggest blunders.

How can you tell which one it will be when you hire a new employee? Unless you’ve got a super-duper Magic 9000 thingy, you probably can’t.

You start this process by treating your employees the same way you treat your customers. You make them feel special, respect them and reward them for their loyalty.

Try this little exercise. Take your existing company policy manual and go to the section on customer service. Every time you see the word “customer” replace it with the word “employee”. Compare this to what you currently do for your employees.

Is there a difference? If you plan to do more for your customers than you do for your employees how does that inspire loyalty among your team members?

If you want to learn more about how to make happy employees, go here for more information. Your business will thank you.

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