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And if I ever lost you

Do you track your customers spending habits? How can you get them back when they are gone? Are you in tune with them so well that you know when they haven’t shopped with you in a while? In most cases, … Continue reading

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Hire them and keep them

It’s no secret. One of the biggest successes of a business is its people.┬áIt can also be one of the biggest blunders. How can you tell which one it will be when you hire a new employee? Unless you’ve got … Continue reading

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Doing it right the first time

“If you don’t have time to do it right, how you will find time to do it over?” Seth Godin   Tweet

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The customer is always . . .

. . . the customer. They are not always right. The company isn’t always right. There’s a balance. You have a hot-headed customer come into your operation. Sometimes they just need to be heard. Other times, they have a legitimate … Continue reading

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Good job

If you have to file a workers’ comp claim because you’ve received too many pats on the back for a job well done . . . . well . . . . Good for you! And if you are a … Continue reading

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