Are we spoiled?

Certainly not perfect but they set a very high standard.

Certainly not perfect but they set a very high standard.

Some of us know what excellence looks like. We’ve had a taste. A small bite of the golden apple.

What if we’ve had a less than stellar experience and are disappointed, who is to blame? Is it our expectations that are unrealistic? Or has the standard for good service eroded over the years?

Most of us know what an acceptable level of service is. I mean more than good. You can offer great prices unlike your competitor. But unless you find ways to bring that customer back, it might take a while before you become profitable.

The foundation of good service is establishing a relationship. And as a part of that relationship, you may have to give away something for free . . . information, a smile, a coupon to invite them back. Make an extra effort. Don’t just point to where an item is located. Lead the customer to the spot and pick up the item off the shelf. Always be helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.

In other words, you become the one that is spoiling your customers.

Offer full service . . . service . . . at self-serve prices. 🙂

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