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How can you read this and not smile or cry? Helps put everything in perspective. Hallelujah that the cure rate is over 80%. Tweet

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I’m a survivor. Latest tests prove it. But can I trust the results? I have to or I would go crazy. Do you face your obstacles by staring at the stumbling block in front of you or do you stay … Continue reading

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Starting with a wish

The C word. The big C. Specifically, it’s ALL – acute lymphoblastic leukemia – a disease that in 1964 had a survival rate of 4 percent. Today, thanks to research and technological advances, that number has soared to a 94 … Continue reading

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My encouragement to you

Time to toot the rusty old horn a bit. And it is only to inspire you to do something great today. Because I believe that you’ve got the ability to be awesome today with the right motivation. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Something new is coming

Just around the corner. Like 4 days away. A big reveal. A reminder of where I am and where I want to be. A goal that almost seems impossible will be attained. Or else. I was running the other day … Continue reading

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