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Offer better service

On the way to soccer practice the other night, I passed by a bank that had this sign out front. “We offer service to meet your goals, not ours.” IF that is a true statement, then they would be the … Continue reading

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Don’t just do busy work

May I have a moment of your time? Are you too busy to read for just a few seconds? Most of these posts take less than a minute of your time. Most of your customers only want a moment of … Continue reading

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Eat your words

Munch, munch, munch. Have you ever had to eat your words? I did last week and I was glad to do it. A customer told me something about a product that I knew to be untrue. However, they came back … Continue reading

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I got an email message from a LinkedIn group to which I belong advertising for a “Customer-Centric” Leader. defines customer-centric as: “An approach to doing business in which a company focuses on creating a positive consumer experience at the … Continue reading

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