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When there’s a smile in your heart

Your eyes can hear it. Read it again. The title first, then the first line. I mixed them up on purpose. You see, when you smile with your heart everyone knows it. It’s genuine. And infectious. Tweet

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Is inspiration dead?

Well, I thought it was. And then I saw her. She hollered my name across the room. That made me smile. She came out from behind the counter with her arms spread wide, her smile wider. And that almost made … Continue reading

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A common parting phrase. Is it necessarily a good one? In my opinion . . . no. Save the appreciation for your stock portfolio. While appreciation is synonymous with gratitude, most people can interpret a sincere thank you a lot … Continue reading

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The shortest distance

. . . between two people is a smile. I’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating. Smile for your customers. It will probably brighten their day. Plus it’s a gift that is easily given back. 🙂 Smile, though your … Continue reading

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Auditions now being held

Inject a little humor into life. Know when to be serious. Know when to make someone’s day because you made them smile or laugh. Go. Tweet

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