Treat your customers as guests

Everyone is a welcome guest.

Many thanks to Disney Institute for posting this gem. This falls right in line with the theme of this blog.

“While one can argue that many people are unsure of how to treat customers, everyone knows how to treat a guest.”

Yes folks, it is that simple.

That is all.

Day 7 – Treat everyone as a guest.



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4 Responses to Treat your customers as guests

  1. Patty Hebert says:

    The goal is to treat everyone like a guest: even family.

  2. jeff noel says:

    Those DI people are sumpn’ else!

  3. David says:

    Donna, once again you send me in a direction I wasn’t originally thinking. Thank you for making me rethink and reprioritize.

  4. David says:

    Yes they are, Jeff. They rank pretty high on my list. That is one of the reasons why I spent two hours with two strangers in my dining room Saturday night helping them plan their Disney vacation this fall.

    If you get people excited and passionate about something, they are more likely to share their passion and knowledge with others to try and evoke a similar response from those who are willing to listen.

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