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If you are a leader, who’s following?

When this blog first started, it was just one of millions of blogs in cyberspace. After returning from a Disney Institute course on Leadership Excellence, I had a story to tell. Yes, David Balentine had a story that he wanted … Continue reading

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Have you ever had a time in your life where a lot of things are clicking together all at once? And this is in a good way. Negatives have been turned into positives. We were supposed to have a break … Continue reading

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Eat your words

Munch, munch, munch. Have you ever had to eat your words? I did last week and I was glad to do it. A customer told me something about a product that I knew to be untrue. However, they came back … Continue reading

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Where do you sit?

Don’t say down. That’s my line. Are you in the driver’s seat? Or in the back of the bus? Whether it’s running your business or your personal life, are you the one doing the driving or is your direction dictated … Continue reading

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In a perfect world . . .

. . . there would be no need for this blog. There would be no need to remind you that customer service is about the customer and not about your business, your products,¬†you. But this isn’t a perfect world. Not … Continue reading

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