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The first step

Your company may not be big enough. You may not have the luxury of time. You may not have hundreds of applicants to choose from. But should any of those excuses compromise your standards of selecting the right fit candidate? … Continue reading

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Inside and out

A little crusty on the outside, but smooth and creamy on the inside. While the Candele pictured above is just that, is this the kind of employee you are looking to hire? When you have a vacant position, what is … Continue reading

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“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.” Goethe As an experiment, I’ve changed my approach to communicating with my team at work. Why I have waited this long is a mystery. I guess part of it is the anticipation of … Continue reading

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Who is responsible?

You are a manager. Good! You are working the front line. Great! A customer comes in. Wonderful! They want to see you. Sweet! They don’t look happy. Uh-oh! They want to lodge a complaint about one of your employees. Rats! … Continue reading

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