There are no shortcuts on quality

Nothing against other countries, but it is evident to me that the quality of workmanship of buildings and other structures played a HUGE role in how so many people survived the catastrophic earthquake that hit Japan recently. There were no shortcuts, no cheap materials, no skirting of building codes.

I’m not minimizing the losses. I cannot begin to know what it feels like to experience what the millions of people Japan have been through or will face in the coming weeks.

If you’ve watched the videos, have you noticed how the people just knew what to do when the earthquake hit? Most of them ran outside, stayed low to the ground, some even laying down. Do you know what to do in case of an emergency?

A new normal is being defined for people in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and now, Japan.

Whatever your plan is, don’t skimp on quality. Or your plan just might crumble under the stress and strain of everyday life.

Day 13 – No shortcuts.



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    • David says:

      I distinctly remember someone saying the long way is the shortcut.

      I hope to post a video soon that supports this post and was the perfect inspiration for it.

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