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Repetitively redundant

Did you know that redundancy can be artistic? That is it can be if you make it that way. Think about a garbage collector. They usually arrive around the same time each week, pick up your trash, put it in … Continue reading

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One in a hundred

10,000 emails. 100 open slots. That’s a 1-in-a-hundred chance. I’m pretty good at math. Not stating arrogance, just affirming my nerdy side. So I get an invitation to be a part of an exclusive opportunity. No, it’s not a multi-level … Continue reading

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Sales tips

Props to my friend and fellow survivor Mark Sanborn for today’s tip. “Control what your competitor can’t affect: how hard you work, how well you know clients & how much you are willing to prepare.” Thank you, Mark, for your … Continue reading

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David Balentine is . . . .

Facebook has made it popular to announce every detail of your life to the world. Not wanting to be left behind, I am here to announce that I am . . . . . . . . . . “in … Continue reading

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Social Media Experiment

The power of relationship If everything went as planned yesterday, then the above picture is of myself and Mark Sanborn, an international bestselling author and noted authority on leadership, team building, customer service and change. When I heard that Mark was … Continue reading

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