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You have the power

A good friend was returning home from a business trip recently and was sitting in front of a mom and her daughter on the plane. They were headed to Orlando as recipients of a Give Kids The World experience. Give … Continue reading

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All team members are valuable

When you have a professional team (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc.) the veterans and the rookies play together to form a cohesive unit. At least on the successful teams they do. What about in your organization? As a leader, manager … Continue reading

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Epiphany – Duh moment

If you are a child of the 70’s or 80’s,  I’m sure you remember the commercials for V8. The commercials included people who had their “epiphany” or “duh” moment. According to  Epiphany – “a sudden, intuitive perception of or … Continue reading

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Knowledge Is Power

I was fortunate to attend a sales meeting recently sponsored by one of our vendors. The main presenter for the evening is a very spirited, energetic and knowledgeable salesman. While some may find his tactics “over-the-top” Pat brings a level … Continue reading

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Retention vs. Acquisition

More evidence has been discovered that it costs much less to keep customers rather than attract new ones. Click here to be taken to the latest findings. Further proof to work on those customers we have. Existing customers have a … Continue reading

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