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No thanks, I’ll take second best

I’ll settle for second best. I don’t know anyone that would actually make this statement. Look at it from the other direction. You turn on the “open” sign, switch on the lights and give it your second best. Is this … Continue reading

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It is the little things

What do you notice about the picture above? I’ll give you a moment. Got it yet? Here’s a hint. It’s something we all learn to do as a child. Yep. I tied my own shoe. If we are constantly reviewing … Continue reading

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Conversation Conservative

Do you talk about conservation? In other words, are you having a conversation about conservation? Or are you doing something about it? On our recent trip to the Walt Disney World, we stayed at the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge. One … Continue reading

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What if . . .

. . . this is what you’re faced with? And instead of your name, it was the name of your business? If we had tombstones for all the businesses that have started and failed over the last 20 years, we … Continue reading

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A month of Innovation – Day 27

“Deeds rather than words express my concept of the part religion should play in everyday life.” Walt Disney Are you walking the talk? You say you want to be good to your customers. What are you doing for them so … Continue reading

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